Chain Type Oil Dregs Scraper

Chain Type Oil Dregs Scraper


1. Chain type skimming-oil and scraping~sediment machine is suitable for oil skimming and sediment scraping at rectangle pool such as sedimentation basin and separation tank in oil refinery factory. water production factory and wastewater treatment factory.

2. This machine should be used together with ail gathering pipe and sludge discharging valve to separate all residue and sand
for primary purification

3. wastewater should flow into tank through grill so as to prevent large vol. particles.

Driven by two parallel chains. scraper moves linearly with a low speed that improves sedimentation and scraping capacity
while causes no big disturbance to waste water.

Circulating movement at two parallel closed chains ensures natural steering which simplifies control system and reduces cost.
Driven device is installed on the platform of tank: for convenient maintenance of machine.