Filter Keramik

ceramic filter


  • TZG ceramic vacuum filter sets Electromechanical. porous ceramic.
    ultrasonic technology as a whole. rely on efficient. energy-saving vacuum suction
    filtration equipment and capillary action to achieve solid-liquid separation. Widely used
    in mining, metallurgy. chemical industry,environmental protection and other industries.
  • High vacuum 1 pressure 0.09-0.098Mpa ). low moisture of filter cake. Solid content at filtrate < 50 ppm. Can be repeatedly used. reducing emissions.Compared with traditional littering equipment energy saving about 90%. above.Low energy consumption. low operation cost.Added compared with traditional ceramic filtering device filter cake washing.suitable tor washing materials.A high degree at automation. reducing labor intensity.Compact structure. small occupation area. convenient installation and maintenance.Advanced drainage system.suitable tor any use oi working conditions.