Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

Membrane bioreactor (MBR)


  • M89 is a kind at new technology tor waste water treatment by combining membrane separation technique with activated sludge method. it can be used tor municipal sewage and industrial waste water treatment and substitute tar secondary sedimentation tent: in removing suspended particles. so as to increase nitrogen removal rate and organics degradation rate.
  • As a waste water treatment system features simple operation. high automation and modular design. it also has below
  • Save 50% occupying area compared with traditional system.
  • Relative high MLSS value ( < 15g/L) and long residue lime for sludge (<60days)
  • Stable producing water quality for different inlet water.
  • Less sludge residue reduces cost for sludge treatment.

Low energy consumption. simple cleaning and low operation cost.