Mesin Sentrifugal Spiral Tipe Horisontal

Horizontal Type Spiral Centrifugal Machine


Horizontal type spiral precipitated centrifugal machine is called horizontal type spiral
centrifugal machine for short. it is a high efficiency horizontal type spiral centrifugal
equipment for discharging and separation and precipitation. Generally. it can be divided into horizontal type spiral filtering centrifugal machine and horizontal type spiral precipitated centrifugal machine. it is widely used tor dehydration for the sludge in industrial and domestic sewage. besides. it is also used in chemical industrial. pharmacy, load and environmental protection industry. etc.

Working Principle

While drum and spiral are rotating fast with a certain differential speed. material are introduced into transporting spiral internal
cylinder continuously from feed pipe. then enter into drum after speeding up. the heavier solid phase matter would deposit on
the drum wall and form sediment layer under the role of centrifugal field. transporting spiral will push the sedimentary solid phase content to the cone point of drum continuously, and discharge out of the machine from slag-drip opening. the lighter solid phase matter form lining liquid loop. and overflow out of drum from main opening. then discharge out of machine from drain connection. This machine can complete feeding. separating, washing and discharging continuously while working of full speed.

Tabel Horizontal Type Spiral Centrifugal Machine