Tempat Pembakaran Sampah



LDF series of life (medical) waste incinerator is used in a pyralysis gasification and the most advanced around the wind mixed fuel + two + burn treatment at incineration incineration.

The incinerator in a combustion chamber design due to the gasification incineration technology makes the temperature of incinerator furnace goes from 200C to 400C. never produced in combustion process clinker. slag. sintering and other problems. in the two mixed burning chamber is provided with two times burning burner and tangential air-supply device.

At high temperature. the combustible gas in the flue gas can burn fully. can be efficient to gas and air produced by the gasification furnace is fully mixed combustion. prevent the occurrence of carbon material escape styles and delayed firing phenomenon.

The flue gas in the high temperature combustion chamber with tangential entry and combustion air into the combustion mode etc.. the flue gas in the combustion chamber can be fully burning the use at rotary flow of the flue gas dust removal. incineration flue gas residence time in the furnace more than 2 seconds. the combustible gas in the flue gas and fly ash completely burned. a dry exhaust gas purification device on the upper port at the incinerator. the adsorption at hydrogen chloride. suitor oxide generated in the incineration. flue gas odor components are decomposed at high temperature. With calcium hydride filter tiles and acid gas and reaction gas cleaning system. the adsorption at acid gases.

The purpose at tail gas purification. the harmful components in smoke is reduced to the national ” hazardous waste incineration pollution control standards ( GB l 8484-2001) ” and other standard below the specified value.